Covid-19 Information

As we deal with the risks of Covid-19 and the prevention of the disease, the Bon Secours Arena and the Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey Club along with Spear Sports will strive to administer restrictions that would be deemed as least invasive as-well-as effective.

At this time, these businesses have NOT issued any mandates prior to entry to any “Hockey” event. However, some concert acts have requested that all patrons enter with proof of vaccination or negative test within 72 hours.

We are NOT representatives of these organizations and are only alerting the public of any possible changes in policy upon entry. For the arena’s latest information of mandates and procedures, please click the link below to go to their website for any new policy changes, (if any):

Covid-19 Link to the Bon Secours Arena Web Page:

As for our regular “Booster Club Meetings” and other Club-only related events, we will strive to use cooperating venues (as we have been doing in the past) and support their policy OR any new changes in their policy. However, if any venue becomes too restrictive, the board will merely find a more welcoming venue to meet.