Seat Map

seating map of the wellness arena

This is a Detailed Seating map or the Bon Secours Arena.

Seating Map

Seat Map of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena
This is a Seating map of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. You may find almost any answer to any question as to where things are located here in “The Well”. We wish for all our regular fans and new comers to be familiar with all the options that our arena has to offer. Be sure to tell you friends of this page and save it for future reference.


Most people don’t really know of all the offerings that the Bon Secours Wellness Arena has to offer. Some of the Hockey Events will bring family-related activities in the pavilion in front of the Furman Entrance such as roller hockey for the kids, t-shirt give away for the fans, and radio station remote broadcasts from their mobile stations.

Handicap Assessable Wheel Chair Entrance

Wheelchair entrance and parking (without steps) is at the Furman Entrance. To enter this area, come in from Church Street at the VIP gate house located in the back of the Arena. With a showing of you Handicap placard, make your way up to the marked spaces adjacent to the Furman Entrance. There about 40 available spaces and Van Assessable. Once they are gone, you may park in the Parking Garage. There are about 4 Handicap spaces on each level near the Garage Elevator at the Furman Entrance. There are five levels in the Garage with the top level on the roof and unprotected from the weather. Be sure to contact the Booster Club if you have any questions so that we may help. Motorized wheelchairs are welcome at the Arena.

Prohibited Unloading Zone

No one is permitted to enter the truck/bus Team unloading zone in the back of the Arena. This area is has a posted guard that will refuse your presence, (which will be prosecuted as an act of unlawful trespassing with Zero-Tolerance.) Only staff and players are allowed here with their credentials to show the security guard.

I must keep the location of my rabbit hole secret
so the opposing team doesn’t try to take me out!

— Stomper

Another known fact is that the Handicap Parking inside the Church Street Parking Garage is FREE (no cost) with a valid tag or placard to show the attendant.

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